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Setting the Stage

In the previous post, you learned a little bit of our backstory and how our company came about. Sometimes dark and uncertain days are actually what gives us a little clarity along the way. Each time we crash and burn, or simply fail to meet the mark, we get to make the conscious effort to be better the next time and, hopefully, take the time to evaluate where things got off track.

The most successful practices look bright and shiny now, but what you can't see is the internal struggle that made it what it is today. Having a successful medical practice means a lot more than how much money you make each month. Although, no doubt this is a vital component, the health of your practice is not measured solely on what is outstanding on your accounts receivable. Are you happy and fulfilled in your work? Are your employees happy? What type of environment are you asking them to work in? What type of environment have you allowed to be created? What kind of experience is your office as a whole giving to your patients?

Setting the stage is about your willingness to step back and really take a long, hard look at what you've created. It is your chance to honestly evaluate where you are and if your current trojectory is leading you on the path you want to go.

In my own business, I've realized that, in the past, I have actually been a little afraid to look too deeply into some of my departments and processes. Why? Because we have worked our tails off to build what we currently have. Why would I want to admit something isn't working right and reevaluate the whole thing?!? Even though it seems counterproductive to start over, every time I take any element of this business apart, I get extreme clarity on where I am, where I want to go and a clearer picture of how to get myself there. Where are you afraid to look? In my experience, that is the place that needs the most help. Someone wiser than me once said, "in your buinsess, you are the problem. But if you are the problem, you are also the answer".

Let that sink in a matter what weaknesses and deficiencies you uncover, you have the power to rethink the process and get it back up to speed.

None of us have all of the answers and let that be ok. Stop beating yourself up for where your practice is not. Take a few minutes to acknowledge your accomplishments. Write out the things that you are proud of. List the things that work well. In doing so, you have set the stage to identify the things in your practice that aren't working well or maybe you are flat out ashamed of or embarrssed by. Maybe some things seem to be working well enough but if you're being honest, you really don't understand them well enough to make a determination. Your practice is your business to know- inside and out. (pro tip-this does not mean micromanaging your staff. More about that in another post)

You will see and hear us say, "change your practice, change your life" quite a bit. That's because we truly believe in the power of those words. We believe in helping others on their journey to create the best version of themselves and their practice-it's our favorite thing to do.

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